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AC Heating Services Guernsey
Providing Heating, Plumbing, Fire Alarms, Electrical Services

Please see below a variety of services we provide. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and resourcefulness, and we have an extensive array of supporting contractors, so if you don’t see your precise requirements below, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate or advise!
Fire Alarms
All fire detection systems require maintenance if they are to work perfectly in an emergency. AC Heating can undertake routine programmed fire alarm maintenance, modify existing fire alarm systems, or undertake the installation of new fire alarm systems.
To ensure that you keep warm when it’s cold, and that the hot water keeps flowing, AC Heating can maintain your existing central heating systems, carry out repairs and install new systems in your home or commercial premises.
Our qualified team of electrical contractors can perform a comprehensive range of electrical services, including all types of electrical installations and maintenance as well as testing and inspections.
We offer a broad range of plumbing services, from fixing a leak to installing a new bathroom. We have a wide range of plumbers available who can cater to any of your plumbing requirements.